Why do the MRes in Critical Social Science?

The MRes in Critical Social Science represents an extension and further development of the work you have undertaken as part of your undergraduate degree.


It specifically seeks to develop and extend your skills and knowledge in the practice and theory of research: it is ostensibly, though not exclusively, aimed at developing your practical skills as an academic researcher.


Whilst there is some focus on channelling you towards further research, there are other outcomes and benefits which are more widely applicable, not least enhancing your ability to think creatively and organise your thoughts.


The course is organised around both sociology and criminology specific content but also joining others across the Faculty for an interdisciplinary approach designed to cultivate your understanding of research as an activity. To this extent you ought to be aware that if you are looking for a pure sociology or criminology course, this is not the programme for you. Instead this is a course to encourage you to think broadly and creatively about research and approaches to research.


Entry requirements and expectations:


Applicants are expected to have a good undergraduate degree (2:1 or 1st). Generally, although not exclusively, we will be looking for students who have gained an overall mark at graduation of 65 per cent upwards.


Having completed an undergraduate dissertation is not a prerequisite but evidence of completing such a project successfully will be looked upon favourably. You will be asked to submit a research proposal with your application, so you need to have a clear area of research in mind.


What we are basically looking for is evidence of learning capability and commitment to work at postgraduate level: we want you to demonstrate potential to develop research skills. This is not a highly structured, top-down taught programme but rather an interactive exploration of the research process. You should not sign-up for this course if you are looking for instructive, guided sessions, or indeed a fourth year of your undergraduate degree. Instead we look to draw you into the academic community of debate and exploration. Learning takes place through a process of discussion, debate and negotiation with your tutors and peers.


Through the application process, you will be encouraged to demonstrate the specific skills, attributes and experience which equip you to complete this course successfully. Key to this is personal drive and motivation and an in interest in, and passion for, your chosen research topic.


You may wish to discuss your proposed area of research with a member of the sociology or criminology team, and if you are interested in applying for the Mres in Critical Social Science please contact Dr Kay Standing in the first instance k.e.standing@ljmu.ac.uk


More information can be found at https://www.ljmu.ac.uk/study/courses/postgraduates/critical-social-science

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